Parent Leadership, Every Step of the Way

Founded in 1995, Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI) exists to build family-supportive communities by developing parents’ capacities to lead—to improve their lives, strengthen their families, better their communities and, ultimately, impact policy and system change.

COFI recognizes that:

  • Parents, as leaders of families, are “natural” community leaders, if given the chance.
  • Parents, as community leaders, will prioritize an action agenda that focuses on improving the community’s support of children and families and addressing racial and economic inequities that limit life opportunities for their children.
  • Parents have the right and the capacity to participate in the decisions that directly affect them, including public policy decisions.
  • Significant barriers to parent participation exist – in family service programs, government agencies, community and advocacy organizations – and explicit leadership development and organizing support is needed to overcome those barriers and assure full participation and partnership.