“Change comes from us being leaders, telling our stories…”

Parent leader, Talibah Moore, first got involved in COFI’s parent leadership and organizing training through her youngest child’s Head Start center.

During the COFI training, held in Chicago’s Southside Bronzeville neighborhood, Talibah connected with other single mothers about the challenges of raising little ones.  She set a goal to own her own home with a yard where her three children could play. With support from parent team members, tools she learned in the training, and persistence, two years later Talibah reached that goal and bought a house in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago.

Having seen the difference early education made for her own children and as a former teacher’s aide, Talibah enthusiastically got involved with POWER-PAC’s Early Learning Campaign, first as a Head Start Ambassador, where she went door-to-door and told other parents about the importance of early learning and then as an activist, pushing for high quality early learning opportunities for all children.  She is also a Peer Trainer in COFI’s training model supporting other mothers with little children similar to herself. “COFI has changed me by helping me become a better parent leader in the community.  Before I didn’t feel like I had a voice, but now I have a voice.”

Education Week featured Talibah and the Southside Parents United Roundtable as part of the “Parents as Changemakers” series for their work helping other families to access developmental screenings and early intervention services.


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