Lincoln grads of COFI's leadership training. March 2015

Lincoln grads of COFI’s leadership training. March 2015

Parents unite for a healthier community

In partnership with Youth Organizations Umbrella (Y.O.U.), COFI helped support a new diverse group of parent leaders at Lincoln Junior High in Skokie.

Utilizing COFI’s leadership model, Y.O.U. is working with parent teams at Chute Middle School in Evanston and Lincoln Junior High in Niles Township as part of a larger Community Schools initiative. As a result, new diverse groups of parent leaders are developing bold goals in both communities. For example, the Niles Township team, which has members that speak six different languages, is focused on health and well-being and created a walking club which meets once a week. They also are working to increase awareness of diversity with the school district and were recently awarded a community grant for their work. Parent leaders, trained as peer trainers, also just trained and graduated a new group of parents in COFI’s leadership model at these two schools.