We asked our statewide members, “Are we all ready to fight for our families?”

The resounding answer at our membership town hall was “yes” and COFI/POWER-PAC IL adopted our COVID-19 Response and Platform. Read it in English or Spanish.

Parents overcame the odds to join this first-ever virtual membership meeting, many practicing Zoom sessions to test devices and network speeds before the vote. Our parent leaders know how important our voices and solutions are for policymakers to find the right path forward.

The “Fighting for Our Families” platform calls for parents to have a meaningful seat at the table in developing short-term relief measures as well as long-term solutions so that all families can succeed. It reflects the struggles and fears we have heard from hundreds of parents and includes the specific policy changes we are working on with partners to address them.

POWER-PAC IL Spring Membership Meeting
The slide presentation from our April 20 virtual meeting.

While we had a strong and passionate group of 76 attendees from across Illinois at our virtual meeting, not everyone could join us. Some are still working essential jobs in home health care, transportation, and retail. Many have no support to take a break from their growing family responsibilities. Some still don’t have access to the basic technology and services many take for granted. Our membership meeting is just another example of how Black and Brown families and neighborhoods are disproportionately impacted by this public health and economic crisis.

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, we call on policymakers and the public to acknowledge and address the persistent economic, education, and healthcare inequities in our communities and nation. While the impacts of the current crisis are felt by everyone, some are at risk of insurmountable harm and instability.

Stand with us. Please share our platform and ensure parent voices are heard when setting policies.

Our collective well-being depends on all of us being safe, healthy, and able to thrive.


Michelle Morton
Co-President, POWER-PAC IL                                  
Liliana Olayo
Co-President, POWER-PAC IL


COVID-19 Community Resources

Parents and families, here is our list of COVID-19 community resources in English and Spanish.