Moms go to Springfield to press their case in person

Legislative action is an important way that POWER-PAC is changing the way things get done. In fact, year after year, parents are playing a critical role in passing key legislative initiatives like regulating fees on payroll cards that nickel and dime working families, expanding SNAP (food stamp) benefits eligibility to 40,000 more Illinois families, and ending asset limits on Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) benefit programs so families can save for their futures.

Each year around Mother’s Day, busloads of moms, grandmoms, children and other family members from across the state head to the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield as part of the annual Moms on a Mission for Children’s Rights Advocacy day.  Using the COFI Way of impacting change, parents share their personal stories with legislators and work to build genuine relationships of trust and respect with elected officials.

POWER-PAC parents come to the legislature with research, a growing constituency, and a thoughtful legislative agenda to address fundamental rights and to remove obstacles so that children and families can break through generational cycles of poverty and lack of opportunity.

Scenes from past Moms on a Mission days

MOMs2011-HerzlandNixonwithQuinn MOMs 2012: Senator Willie Delgado and kids of POWER-PAC families MOMs 2015: Nixon-Hermosa parents with Cynthia Soto

Moms on a Mission for Children's Rights Legislative Agenda 2018

Children’s Right to Quality Early Care and Education and Quality K-12 Education

  • Increase and protect early childhood funding in a full year, fully funded budget which:
    • Increases ECBG by $50 million
    • Provides level funding for home visiting programs
    • Rejects proposed cuts to the Child Care Assistance Program for twelve month eligibility
    • Increases funding for Early Intervention
  • Support HB4965 (Rep. Wallace/Sen. Hutchinson) – to implement a twelve-month redetermination period for Child Care Assistance Program in keeping with federal legislation

Children’s and Family’s Rights to Safety and Second Chances

  • Support HB4208 (Rep. Welch/Sen. Lightford) – To create a pathway for student support services (such as Restorative Justice and counselors) to be funded instead of more police in IL schools
  • Support SB2925 (Sen. Lightford/Rep. Harper) – That requires training for School Based Police Officers
  • Support SB3466 (Sen. Lightford/Rep. Will Davis) – To assist families in addressing the causes of truancy and prohibits schools from referring students to municipalities for truancy fines
  • Support HB5195 (Rep. Greenwood/Sen. Clayborne, Jr.) – To allow school districts to bus children to school if the area is determined to be physical or safety hazard for children

Children’s and Family’s Rights to Financial Security

  • Support SB2433 (Sen. Jackie Collins/Rep. Ford) – That provides extra considerations and caps to check cashing fees
  • Support HB5340/SB2411 (Rep’s Ammon and Gabel/Sen.) – To prohibit drivers’ license suspensions for non-moving violations
  • Support HB4594 (Rep. Andersson/Sen. Mulroe) – To reduce court fines and fees
  • Support SB1246 (Sen. Scott Bennett/Rep. Kelly Burke) – Protects savings from debt collection
  • Support SB2439 (Sen. Scott Bennett/Rep. Ammons) – Prohibits professional license revocation due to student loan debt

Children’s and Family’s Right to Affordable Health Care

  • Support the Hunger Relief Tax Check-off SB2868 (Sen. Harmon/Rep. Hernandez) – To enable tax filers to give to the Hunger Fund
  • Support the Healthy Local Food Incentives Fund HB4568 (Rep. Butler/Sen. Harmon) – So SNAP recipients can save money when they use their cards at Farmers Markets
  • Support SB351 (Sen. Morrison/Rep. Wallace) – So more community college students will be eligible for SNAP benefits

Support HB5202 (Rep. Ford/Sen. Lightford) – To create the Youth Budget Commission that would help analyze how the state is investing in programs for young people 8-25 years old