Moms go to Springfield to press their case in person

Legislative action is an important way that POWER-PAC is changing the way things get done. In fact, year after year, parents are playing a critical role in passing key legislative initiatives like regulating fees on payroll cards that nickel and dime working families, expanding SNAP (food stamp) benefits eligibility to 40,000 more Illinois families, and ending asset limits on Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) benefit programs so families can save for their futures.

Each year around Mother’s Day, busloads of moms, grandmoms, children and other family members from across the state head to the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield as part of the annual Moms on a Mission for Children’s Rights Advocacy day.  Using the COFI Way of impacting change, parents share their personal stories with legislators and work to build genuine relationships of trust and respect with elected officials.

POWER-PAC parents come to the legislature with research, a growing constituency, and a thoughtful legislative agenda to address fundamental rights and to remove obstacles so that children and families can break through generational cycles of poverty and lack of opportunity.

Scenes from past Moms on a Mission days

MOMs2011-HerzlandNixonwithQuinn MOMs 2012: Senator Willie Delgado and kids of POWER-PAC families MOMs2015-ESTLMomswithRedEddieJackson MOMs 2015: Nixon-Hermosa parents with Cynthia Soto

Moms on a Mission for Children's Rights Legislative Agenda 2016

Don’t balance the budget on the backs of our families!

  • Pass SB2047 (Sen. Cullerton/Rep. Currie) – stop-gap funding for human services for this year, and pass a FY2016 budget!
  • Create new revenue sources and support a change in the Illinois Constitution to allow a graduated tax by supporting Illinois Fair Tax Constitutional Amendment Referendum, SJRCA 1/HJRCA 59 and HB689 (Rep. Lang) – a tax rate structure to reduce taxes for most families.
  • Fully fund FY2017 budget and programs that help our families.

Children’s Right to Quality Early Care and Education and Quality K-12 Education

  • SB231 (Sen. Manar) – to create a new IL school funding formula to fund schools that most need it
  • Early Childhood budget items – Fully fund important programs like:
    • Preschool for all – Keep the $75 million increase in the Governor’s proposed budget
    • Home-Visiting programs – Help families with our youngest children thrive
    • Early Intervention – Help address developmental challenges early
  • HB5580 (Rep. Wallace) – Expand Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) eligibility/funding
  • HB557 (Rep. Martwick) – Allow Chicago residents to elect their school board

Children’s and Family’s Rights to Safety and Second Chances

  • SB2370 (Sen. Van Pelt) – Ensure young people have lawyers when they’re interrogated by the police.
  • SB2295 (Sen. Hutchinson/Sen. Martinez) – Reclassify minor offense to reduce or eliminate prison time and use the savings to fund prevention programs.

Children’s and Family’s Rights to Financial Security:

  • SB2804 (Sen. Biss) – Increase transparency of the wage assignment process
  • SB2340 (Sen. Lightford) – Allow TANF recipients to keep up to $200 for their child support payments without cutting benefits
  • HB1288 (Rep. Hernandez) – Expand rights for domestic workers by including them in the Minimum Wage Act, Human Rights Act and Wages of Women and Minors Act
  • SB42 with Senate Amendment 1 (Sen. Martinez)/HB4515 (Rep. Lily)/ HB4360 (Rep. Cassidy) – Make it easier for people with criminal records to get jobs or licenses in health care & schools

Children’s and Family’s Rights to Affordable Health Care

  • SB2393 (Sen. Harmon) – Make breakfast a part of school day for all Illinois students