Parent Campaigns

Meet the Parents

Parents everywhere want their children to grow up safe, with opportunity and in a society that is just and respectful. COFI-trained parent leaders, mostly women of color, moms and grandmothers, have a particular kind of passion, persistence and great courage to make sure they are true participants in the decisions that affect their communities.

Meet the heart of COFI.  Meet the parents.

Meet the Parents

Rosalva Nava

"I tell parents- the asset is you. You have the potential to change your way."

Talibah Moore

"Before, I didn't feel like I had voice but now I have a voice."

Rosazlia Grillier

"At first I sat back and listened, but I could relate to the other women...

Kimberly Smith

"I’m able to speak from my own experience and help other families connect to the...

Doña Patricia Lozano

A few years ago, parent involvement at Nixon School was limited to a few parents.

Felipa Mena

"We don’t want them to be arrested for every little thing. We offer alternatives.”