Phase Two Manual

Community Outreach & Action

  • Introduction to Family Focused Organizing.
  • Curriculum for five parent workshops, including “Overview of Community Outreach & Action”, “Getting People Involved”, “The Art of The One-on-One Relationship-Building Interviews”, “Building the Team and Setting Outreach Goals”, and “Finalize the Outreach Plan, ‘Hitting the Streets’ and Graduation.”
  • Instructions for taking parent leaders through the outreach process – including support for hosting community planning meetings.
  • Community action section includes instructions for how to help parents prepare for a town hall meeting, campaign launch or action.
  • Notes for organizers, with tips and insights for success.
  • Real life examples of parents and parent teams in action.
  • Sample meeting agendas, outreach scripts and surveys, and sample flyers.
  • Appendices in English and Spanish for all handouts.

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