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COFI has developed manuals for each phase of the Family Focused Organizing process of parent leadership development and organizing.  These  manuals are provided to attendees of COFI’s Institute trainings, and are also available for purchase.

Each manual includes curriculum and activities to build and support parent leadership development and organizing experience, incrementally over time. The manuals are based on long and successful experience with more than 3,000 parents and hundreds of organizers and staff.

The manuals are designed to be useful to organizations that want to build and support parent power and adapt COFI’s work. The manuals include outlines for each training workshop, tips for organizers, trainers or facilitators, real-life stories of parent leaders’ experiences, and practical, usable handouts and processes to work effectively with parents.

COFI Training and Organizing Manuals are soft cover, spiral bound, and approximately 100 pages each. There are English and Spanish versions of each.  They are available for $50 per manual.

Training Manuals

Phase One Manual

This manual walks people through Self, Family & Team, the first phase of COFI's model.

Phase Two Manual

In this manual, you'll find support for implementing Community Outreach & Action.

Phase Three Manual

COFI's training and organizing manual for Phase Three: Policy & Systems Change is in the...