COFI can work with your organization

COFI actively pursues opportunities to share what we’ve learned about building parents’ power. We offer a regular series of workshops in Chicago for organizations that are interested in incorporating the COFI Way of Family Focused Organizing into their own efforts.

More than 475 people have attended The COFI Institute workshops, designed specifically for staff and leaders such as community organizers, social service providers, school administrators, advocates, policymakers and veteran parent leaders. We teach organizations how to engage parents as a source of real power.

In some cases, COFI may be available for further consultation on implementing our parent leadership and organizing model or to conduct workshops outside our regular schedule. For example, we have offered both parent training and workshops for organizations not just in Illinois, but around the country.

COFI Institute workshops are hands on, participatory sessions, and include lively interaction with COFI parent leaders. We offer an Orientation to Family Focused Organizing, a deep and practical introduction on getting parents engaged every step of the way. We have a phased series of Train-the-Trainer/Organizer workshops to teach people within organizations how to use our curriculum and train and develop parent leaders. See more on our Workshops page.