COFI invites you to hear parent stories

COFI has worked for 21 years with a growing group of hundreds of mothers and grandmothers (and a few dads) in Chicago and across Illinois who are deeply engaged with improving life for families in communities of color.

These parent leaders are ready to share their compelling stories of what is really happening on the ground in their marginalized communities of immigrants or families who live far below the poverty line.

Their stories are more important now than ever — especially in light of the current political climate.

COFI’s parent leaders are true experts in policy change that raises the quality of life. They have brought restorative justice practices and Peace Centers to Chicago Public Schools. They have expanded access to early learning programs across the State of Illinois. They are shaping policies around financial security and asset building, and they successfully organized to bring back recess for Chicago elementary students.

Meet the Parents

Meet the parents who have inspiring stories to tell. Mostly women of color, moms and grandmothers, COFI-trained parents have a particular kind of passion, persistence and great courage to make sure they are true participants in the decisions that affect their communities.
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In the Media

See where COFI’s work and COFI-trained parents have been featured in the media.

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